Printable Calendar

>no physical item will be shipped< This is a calendar that will have every single one of your special dates on it- each with their own infographic and text! Once done- this calendar will be something you made! Sure, I'll do all the hard lifting and you get to do all the fun stuff, but you can still claim all the glory! Here' s how it will work: 1. Purchase this listing 2. After you purchase, you will be shown a thank-you page- this page has a link to the online form. 3. Go to the URL found on the thank-you page. It will take you to the online form, fill out this form. It will ask you which infographics you want, what colors, what text. The works. 4. Hit 'Sumbit.' 5. Wait no more than 3 business days for me to create it for you- I will then send you a high resolution digital file to your email address. 6. Send me up to three rounds of amendments. 7. Take your file to your favorite printer and have them print it for you. Some printers I have loved in the past: and Staples! 8. Love it!

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