Big Brother Comic Book

Help your little one cultivate a love of reading with a book that features their own picture and name!

This is a personalized 8.5 inch by 8.5 inch 23 page comic book about becoming a big sister or brother. I wrote and designed this book to teach children about how important and special it is to be a big brother or sister. It talks about the superhero powers of being quiet, being gentle, and also sharing their toys and family with baby. This book will help children get excited about becoming a big brother and teach them some important skills needed when around new baby. Kids love seeing themselves star in their own book, so this is sure to become a fast favorite!


Super Simple Order System:
After you purchase this listing, you will be provided with a link to an online form. Fill out that form, attach your pictures and hit ‘submit’. Your details will come straight to us and we will get started! We will send you a draft of the book, you give us the okay- and we will have it printed!

I am currently working at a turnaround time of 1 week, which means I will have your book designed in a week and will then send it to print. It takes about 6 days to print, so I will then mail you your completed book no more than a week later. To add all that up, your book will be on its way to you in about 2 weeks.

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